Achieve the Lovely and Romantic Wedding of Your Dreams

Romance is undeniably in the air as you prepare for one of the biggest days of your life. After your partner popped the question—and of course, you said yes—you’re now ready to begin the next chapter of your relationship with a beautiful wedding.

Romantic Wedding

You imagined this day, for sure. In fact, you already have a lot of ideas in your head—from where you want to get married to how you want your dress to look—and you can’t wait to get the planning process started. You want your wedding day to be extra special and you want everyone to feel all loved up as they celebrate with you. How can you do that? We have a few nifty tricks for you: 

  • Invest in the whole experience.

A wedding should be a feast for the senses, which means that you shouldn’t only focus on how the venue looks, but also on how it smells and sounds. Scentscaping is very popular in weddings these days because of how it evokes romance and passion. To set the mood for your venue, use fresh flowers or scented candles that will make the entire place feel more romantic as your guests arrive. You could send flowers to India or cut flowers right from your backyard. Just imagine walking into a spa, a restaurant or a beautiful garden and how these spaces smell. You should also choose your music well by creating a playlist of your favourite songs as a couple or have a live band play them at your reception. Your guests will surely feel like its Valentine’s Day all over again with this type of ambiance.  

  • Light it up.

Don’t you just swoon when Ed Sheeran sings the line “kiss me under the light of a thousand stars” from his hit song Thinking Out Loud? You are not alone. Good lighting can really do a lot in setting a romantic ambience on your wedding, not to mention that wedding photography Sunshine Coast specialists will surely love capturing beautiful images with such a lighting condition. As a tip, play with different types of lighting depending on your venue. If you’re getting married outdoors, use fairy lights or lanterns with a warm glow. If you’re holding your reception indoors, use light bulbs and candles that will make the place feel more subdued and romantic. 

  • Skip the formalities.

Your wedding may be a formal event but making everything too rigid can actually kill the romantic vibe in an instant. So, make the atmosphere more relaxing by creating an arrangement that encourages conversation. Do away with huge centrepieces that will only block your guests’ view of each other. Opt for small vases with fresh blooms instead. Wedding experts also suggest choosing a long dining table than the usual round options because it’s more laidback and has that homey feel to it. 

Oh, how exciting it is to be walking down that aisle soon, especially if you have these details down pat for your wedding.

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